About Us

Hotel California Kaminarimon is the nearest adult hotel from Asakusa Station and Kaminarimon.

Design by Japanese modern style,the room is clean and reasonable,and the service is very substantial.

You can adventure our hotel as a lodging base for business trips or tokyo sightseeing.

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The shortest rest plan in our hotel from 90 min.

90 min.¥3,700 ~(tax included)
120 min.¥4,700 ~(tax included)
Free time¥5,700 ~(tax included)
Extension¥1,300/30 min.(tax included)

Room details and prices



You can come directly or will be reservation on the web.

Stay¥6,100 ~(tax included)
Extension¥1,300/30 min.(tax included)

Room details and prices

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All the rooms have a capacity of 2 people and double beds are installed.

  • All areas WIFI free
  • Free video on demand
  • refrigerator(Free drink available)
  • Microwave
  • Large screen LCD TV
  • DVD player


We offer you extensive service.

  • Brand Amenity
  • Instant coffee set
  • Exchange service by season
  • Cosplay costume(for rent)

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access map

  • From Asakusa Station2 min.
  • Kaminarimon1 min.
  • Sumida river4 min.
  • Tokyo sky tree15 min.
  • Hotel California Kaminarimon
  • 2-13-9,Kaminarimon,Taito-city,Tokyo
  • TEL 03-3845-2521


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Our hotel is a self service check-in/out adult hotel (NO FRONT),
so that you can receive service without seeing the hotel staff.
(Except you have a reservation.)

Check-in procedures
①From the panel in the lobby,please choose the room you would like from the illuminated ones available.
(If you have a reservation,please be sure to inform staff at the telephone call No.9 next to the front desk.)
②You may enter your room directly (you do not have to inform the staff when entering your room).
About more than 1 day reservations
Due to system reasons, only one-day appointments are currently open.
If you need to stay for more than one day, please inform the front desk at check-in.
We need you to check out before 12 noon the next day once time.
We will keep your luggage for free until you come back to stay that night.
In addition, there will be a difference between the check-in time and the meal fee on weekdays and holidays.
Please understand.
When going out temporally
①Please inform the front desk (No.9) using the telephone in your room.
②We will charge you a basic 10,000 yen deposit which will be returned when you return.
③In the case where you have already spent more than 10,000 yen in room charges,
  we will charge you the same amount as you have spent.
How to use a catering service
①Select a restaurant among ones in the information, and order on your own.
②After making an order, please be sure to inform (Call No.9) the front desk.
③When the order arrives, the front desk staff will deliver it to your room.
④Please pay the charge when you check out.
Sale of liquor and Adult toys
①Liquor and adult toys are sold in your room.
②Inform (Call No.9) the front desk when you need more or the one
  you would like is out of stock. We will have them delivered to your room.
Automated check-out procedures
①Press the “会計 (Payment)” button on the automated adjustment machine in your room.
②Please make payment by cash or by credit card.
③Charges for extending the deadline will be added every 30 minutes.
④Please check the check-out time on your own.
  As we will not inform you that it is check-out time, please be sure to allow time.
  You do not have to inform the front desk when you check out.
All areas WIFI free,please connect by yourself.
WIFI is implemented as part of service provision and does not guarantee 100% Internet environment.
Please understand beforehand that we may not be connected depending on customer's equipment setting and line congestion situation.
As for the security of the communication terminal equipment to be connected, please protect and manage at your own risk.
About cigarettes
Smoking inside the hall is not prohibited, but please refrain from smoking in the bed because it is dangerous.
About usable credit card